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Imagine you broke your leg. Imagine that, instead of going to the hospital, you decided to grin and bear it. You started limping, you started telling everyone you met to not touch it under any circumstances, you started being extremely careful everywhere you went not to even brush it against something — all because the pain would be unbearable.

This would be insane. Quite a few people would gently — or perhaps not so gently — advise you go to a hospital at once. “You need to get it fixed,” they’d say. And they’d be right.

Why, then, when you…

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So many things are salves. Food, drink, sex, masturbation, people. Definitely people. They’re all salves to try to make ourselves feel better.

We eat because we feel lonely. We drink because we feel anxious. We masturbate because we’re bored. We talk to people because we need their attention to not feel broken.

Basically, we do all of these things because we’re not okay and we’re trying to be. And, for whatever reason, we’ve decided that the outside world is going to make us okay, that it’s maybe even responsible for us being okay. …

Stop listening to your ‘Personal Mind’

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You’ll be walking down the street and your inner monologue will be something like this:

Oh my god, those doughnuts look amazing. I really want one. But I did say I was going to start being good this week, so I don’t know. Yesterday I was good, though, so maybe it’s okay. Why did that person just walk so close to me? What are they doing? Can they not see me here? I’ll leave the doughnut but I’ll get something awesome for lunch, that’ll cheer me up. I can’t be bothered with work today but I’ll just get on with…

Some wise words from the #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

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Michael Singer is a Jewish Yogi who once built a company that employed over 2,000 people and then sold that company for more than a billion dollars. He did all of this while living in “The Temple Of The Universe” in the middle of the woods and maintaining his meditation and yoga practices, even when he got (wrongly) indicted by the FBI and had to hire lawyers and travel across the country and spend years fighting his case.

He’s quite an interesting guy, in other words. And lucky for us, he’s written a couple of books and given many lectures…

Teachings from the #1 New York Times Bestselling book, The Untethered Soul

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Our relationship with death is a strange one. We know we’re going to die and yet we avoid talking about it. It’s the one thing we all have in common and yet we’ll never bring it up in conversation.

We bring up the weather all the time precisely because there is weather all the time. Sunny, cloudy, hot, cold. We’re never guaranteed what exactly the weather will be, but we’re guaranteed to always have some sort of weather. And whatever the weather, we’ll bring it up.

Why can’t death be the same? Why can’t we be more open about it…

“An empty stomach is one problem: hunger. But a full stomach? A hundred problems!”

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You’ve probably caught yourself thinking, at some point in your life, “If I can get this job, I’ll be so happy.”

You’ve probably never caught yourself thinking, “If I get this job, I’ll be so happy for about a day, maybe a week, and then it’ll start to bother me in various ways and it won’t be what I thought it was and I’ll need to gut it out for a year and then start looking for another job — and that job, that will make me truly happy.”

The second one is the more accurate statement, isn’t it? And…

But it might just give you everything you want

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Once upon a time, a man was walking through woods, trying to appreciate its beauty but failing. His mind was elsewhere. It was on all his failures. His failed dreams, his failed relationships, his failure of a life.

What had he achieved? Nothing. Well, nothing compared to what he thought he would’ve achieved by now. Sure, his house was quite nice, and he had a pretty good car, and he had a loving wife who was a good person. But so did lots of people. He wasn’t exceptional by any means.

He was depressed. There was no doubt about it…

You don't have to change your life; just how you live your life

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There are a few moments in the morning right after you wake up where you have no thoughts. I’m sure you’re aware of that. If not, when you wake up tomorrow morning, just notice it. You’ll see.

But then the thoughts come. All the things you didn’t do yesterday, how you should’ve been more productive, how you’ll be more productive today, how you should get out of bed right now so you can be more productive today, but then again it’s just so warm here in bed. Sound familiar?

Let me ask you: Are these helpful thoughts?

Let me ask…

And why you do it in the first place.

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Imagine this: You and your partner have a lovely date night planned. You’re going for drinks at a fancy bar, then you’re heading to a Michelin star restaurant for a 7-course menu, and then you’re going on a private boat ride with champagne to top off the evening. And, little do they know, but you’re going to ask them to marry you. This is the moment you’ve waited for your entire life, and it’s finally here.

Your partner messages you an hour before you’re due to leave to say they’ve got an emergency at work. They can’t get out of…

You don’t even need to carve out extra time

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Just so we’re on the same page: mindfulness means being aware. It means being aware of your thoughts and feelings without getting all involved in them. It means noticing them, not living through them. It means watching them as if they were a movie, not trying to jump into the TV and solve everything the characters are going through.

Feel free to read a random selection of these 101 everyday situations and then scroll to the end.

  1. The moment you wake up
  2. When you’re falling asleep
  3. When you’re having a conversation
  4. When you’re in the shower
  5. When you’re eating
  6. When…

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