It is the right time for the ‘New man’ to emerge.
Ashutosh Jain

Current world society is still trapped by the choices (and mistakes) made in the 20th Century. Nationalism, militant religion, racism, and other regressive methods of organizing society are still important to many people, whether they realize it or not. These concepts will die a slow yet possibly violent death, as we are seeing now. The only thing we can do is try hard not to make the same mistakes as our ancestors and learn from history. I think it has less to do with the accelerating pace of technological advance and more with our inability to evolve socially as quickly. If the first question we ask ourselves when we invent something remains “how can I weaponize this” or “how can I use this to promote a hateful ideology” (I realize that both are a matter of perspective) then we will continue to struggle with those regressive concepts. Instead, the question should be “how can I use this to make someone else as happy.”

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