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Social networks have had their most challenging few years to date as concerns over online privacy and data security constantly made headlines throughout 2018.

Incidents such as data breaches e.g. Cambridge Analytica scandal, and the never-ending stream of stories of online harassment and abuse have rocked the internet more than ever before.

In part, these incidents and growing concerns have led to changes in how we all use social media. One of the most striking areas of growth in the past 12–24 months has been the use of messaging apps and private chat groups. It feels like we have reached…

It’s week 1 in my new life as a social and digital media freelancer.

  • I have hired an accountant.
  • I have registered my business with Companies House.
  • I have my business accounts setup.
  • I am basically ready to rock… I think?

Before we get started

Going forwards, I plan to blog about my big freelance adventure here every now and then, as well as publishing a few short articles about any new or hidden social media platform features I stumble upon. I hope you will all stick around and give me (virtual) moral support along the journey.

Anyway, lets get back to what I…

Twitter’s Android Application Packages (APKs) are often a goldmine of information about what new features the social media giant may give users next (if you know how and where to look).

The latest version is no different. Computer scientist student Jane Wong discovered a new end-to-end encrypted direct messages feature dubbed ‘secret conversations’.

Image Credit: Jane Wong

If Twitter was to bring the feature to the platform for all users, it would enter the secure messaging app space along with established players like WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram and others.

With privacy and encryption being a hot topic right now following numerous data scandals such as…

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Facebook traffic and engagement is way down for so many small to medium size publishers… and some bigger ones too. And the whole video thing is nuts.

In my opinion, Facebook has and still is creating a fake ‘demand’ for video. Video only looks so popular because Facebook’s algorithm is making it that way. It intentionally prioritises and shows us all more and more video so there is a corresponding meteoric rise in video views.

It’s not so much people demanding or liking videos more now than ever before, it’s Facebook forcing it upon people in their news feed, which…

I’ll keep it brief and to the point…

I’m thinking of making the leap from Twitter to Medium.

I’m wondering if anyone here would care for all my geeky social media observations and finds I share on Twitter, such as those NEW Facebook features I spot.

  • I could do a daily, weekly, or monthly round-up article.
  • I could do a simple bulleted list of things i find (with screenshots) and send it out in real-time.
  • I could do an infrequent post with my musings about the state of social and the importance (or not) of the weird and wonderful things…

Matt Navarra

Experienced freelance social media consultant. Former director of social media for @TheNextWeb. Ex-UK Gov digital expert. Follow me on Twitter: @MattNavarra

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