REEL ISSUES Film Camp Launches!

Hi! My name’s Matthew Feener and I am the Creative Director at Transformative Culture Project, a non-profit based out of Roxbury Massachusetts, MA. T.C.P. connects cultural creators to the transformative power of their art to shape social and economic justice. I head up our media training program called Beyond Creative, where youth are taught video production skills from script-to-screen. I’m so excited to talk about our newest upcoming event: the REEL ISSUES Film Camp!

The mission of the REEL ISSUES Film Camp is to gather teams of high school youth producers for a 4-day video production marathon during April vacation. Training will commence from April 15th through April 18th, with a culminating free film screening at ArtsEmerson on Friday, April 19th from 5:00PM–7:00PM. During the week, Beyond Creative staff will offer video production workshops that will arm the youth with the skills (from idea generation to video editing) they’ll need to make their vision a reality. A full suite of video production equipment will be made available to all teams, and participation is free-of-charge.

“Why the emphasis on REEL ISSUES?” you may ask. Despite the fact that it’s 2019, youth in Boston continue to be plagued by negative stereotypes by adults who have never bothered to stop and listen. The youth of today are more connected, mindful, and political than they are given credit for; this narrative must be challenged! REEL ISSUES Film Camp strives to amplify the voices of youth to be heard while building in authentic support that ensures their messages come through loud and clear. Furthermore, this camp will equip up-and-coming media mavens with the video production skills that will open further artistic and economic opportunities.

Below you can find links to the application, frequently asked questions, the schedule of the film week, and my contact info. Transformative Culture Project and Beyond Creative are bursting with excitement about the possibilities this event presents to open up dialogue that deals with the REEL ISSUES facing the youth of today!

Please spread the word!

REEL ISSUES FILM CAMP Application [with FAQs]
Matthew Feener,