Updated 11/12/2019 for grammar and updated prices.

If you’ve ever been to a concert, you’ve probably seen a number of photographers in the pit, behind the barricade, and side stage. If you’re a photographer who’s just getting into the game, or if you’re a seasoned photographer who’s just getting into live music — you’re probably already finding out that shooting shows isn’t easy.

I’m a concert photographer, based out of Atlanta GA, and I’ve shot about 200 shows in the last few years. …

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I’ve always had a serious attention problem. For every year of my adult life, I’ve found myself taking on new hobbies, starting new projects, even switching my career a few times.

A few months in to any new project or career, I’d feel the dread.

Sometimes, life just finds a way.

I’ve had my fair share of trying to blog. I rocked a MySpace back in the day, even though my parents wouldn’t buy me skinny jeans or a hair-straightener. …


matthew alexander

matthew alexander is a photographer, musician, writer, and energy drink enthusist. https://www.mattagarr.com

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