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El volumen de cambio de BTC por Peso argentino (ARS) en LocalBitcoins, un referente de la adopción mundial de Bitcoin, rompió récords en abril. Este récord coincidió con los controles de cambio de divisas que comenzaron a aplicarse desde el pasado otoño.


Y si bien podría ser fácil ver esta circunstancia como prueba irrefutable de la superioridad de Bitcoin como activo fiable en Argentina, la situación es más compleja y merece nuestro análisis. Es verdad que Argentina ha tenido, durante mucho tiempo, circunstancias económicas, monetarias y políticas favorables para la adopción de Bitcoin. Sin embargo, desde…

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Trading of the Argentine Peso (ARS) on LocalBitcoins, a frequent bellwether for global Bitcoin adoption, hit an all time high this April. This record coincided with the implementation of new capital controls which began accelerating last fall.


And while it might be easy to see this circumstance cleanly as proof of Bitcoin’s superiority as money in Argentina, the situation is more complex and deserves our analysis. In truth, Argentina has long had economic, monetary, and political circumstances which many say are favorable to Bitcoin adoption. However, its overall footprint, at least from the perspective of…

Electrical outages reveal the nature and scale of Bitcoin usage across Latin America

Some seventy percent of all of Venezuela’s electrical power originates from a single dam on the Caroní river in Bolívar State, Venezuela. And on Thursday, March 7th, 2019, a fire near power lines of that dam caused the largest electrical blackout in the nation’s history.

The blackout, so widespread that it could be seen from outer space, lasted for days in urban areas and weeks in rural areas. It was estimated to cause $200 million a day in economic damage, 43 deaths directly, and scores more indirectly. …

If cryptocurrency is the Wild West of money, then Paxful is Deadwood, South Dakota. Settled, errr, founded in 2015, Paxful has slowly but surely grown into a pillar of Bitcoin trading ecosystem. In total, Paxful now employs over 200 people in four offices around the world and oversees the trading of approximately $25 million dollars worth of Bitcoin every week. And while most cryptocurrency exchanges out San Francisco way are far from their highs reached during the bubble of 2017, Paxful has seen a consistent uptrend for its entire existence.

Take note of the two Y axes.

Paxful, like LocalBitcoins…

Your trusted source for data and analysis on the burgeoning realm of utility use of cryptocurrency in the developing world.

Hello! My name is Matt Ahlborg and I am a data scientist and analyst. In February of this year, I wrote an in-depth article which aggregated trading data from LocalBitcoins.com and paired it with other data sets relating to global socioeconomic and geopolitical circumstances. On the whole, I was able to show that Bitcoin activity on the platform gravitated towards certain geopolitical and socioeconomic environments, and that utility, not speculation, was likely the driving force.

Introducing Matt Ahlborg’s dlab:Emurgo Fellowship Project

Hello! My name is Matt Ahlborg and I am a data scientist, analyst, and long time observer of Bitcoin. I was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska and now reside in New York City. Today I am going to tell you about an exciting opportunity that I’ve been given while also outlining how it will benefit you, the reader. …

In the decade since the Satoshi white paper was published, we can now say that the word Bitcoin has entered global conciousness. However, many people, including some very intelligent and well-respected people in their own right, still have trouble understanding the the idea of Bitcoin and in many cases even question its value and purported utility in the world. …

Matt Ahlborg

Data Scientist, Research Fellow at dlab.vc

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