Irrational? Really?
A Ennis

Following your logic there is a whole list of things you should do first to insure your safety before you worry about Muslims on planes. Since you seem to care about statistics and occurrences of things happening, you should know how many things there are that are more likely to kill you than a Muslim bombing you on a plane.

These same people don’t wear a seatbelt in a taxi or cross the street wearing headphones and don’t think twice about it, and I bet you do something more dangerous too. Shouldn’t you be commenting on those things before the much lesser risk of not kicking Muslims off your plane?

So you can pretend that this is a rational thing to do based on the increased incidences of Islamic terror in recent decades, but if you were actually being objective about it you would realize that you are just covering up a bias that does not reflect the reality of the danger.