Mattan Ingram, maybe a mathematical example would explain why focusing on inequality might not…
Mike Borozdin

Your two scenarios don’t have the same overall income, so your example doesn’t make any sense unless I’m reading it wrong.

Regardless taxes alone cannot provide enough services OR get rid of income inequality without taxes reaching absurd levels, so we should be talking about actually raising/lowering people’s income to make things more balanced.

In many countries in Europe CEO’s have their pay capped to much more reasonable multiples of an average employee’s salary. In the US a CEO can make hundreds upon hundreds of times his or her employee’s salary. In an ideal world where people thought about the greater good this wouldn’t happen, but we don’t live in an ideal world and the market does not magically regulate CEO salaries, so we have to do it ourselves.

I seriously don’t understand the moral OR fiscal logic behind saying that focusing on income inequality won’t fix the issues that originate from income inequality. What the hell else do you suggest we do then?

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