Kurt is pro ‘Rapists going to Jail.’
Matt Williams

Matt Williams, good joke there. It’s definitely funny. You misunderstood Trevor’s attempt to relate to you using very real fear that women face everyday and instead you convince us he’s hitting on you. Cool.

You boiled down Nikki’s entire piece into two things. 1) Nikki wants to slightly hurt AG’s future career. 2) Nikki is a misogynist.

Yet, you only boil down Kurt’s piece to “Kurt is Pro ‘Rapist’s going to Jail’.” Do you not see the inherent misogyny in your own post? Kurt writes some pretty awful shit in that post including the sentence “re-raping the victim’s good hole” and you see nothing wrong with that? Why are you defending this guy?

You call Nikki out for female gender bias, but you completely ignore all the things your bro Kurt says? Why? Why not address them?

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