Why has being an online entrepreneur become lazy?

Source: www.entrepreneur.com.ph

I’m going to kick off by saying that online entrepreneurs aren’t lazy, which kinda goes against my title, but stick with me.

It seems in the last 2 years many well known, and some not so well known online entrepreneurs, are pushing what they claim isn’t, but on face value is a get rich quick scheme.

I’m sure you’ve read the emails and blog posts, the ones that start with “x number of Steps to Creating & Profiting from Online Courses”, or perhaps “How to profit from Webinars in x number of stages.” And we’re even being flooded by videos and podcasts, all which seem to be pushing what a wonderful cash cow this new found craze is.

What I want know is, what happened to the days when you could learn how to build a real online business?

What happened to earning revenue from blogging, or building a web app and generating revenue from that. I mean, Zuckerberg didn’t make his money from webinars and ebooks, yet the sad truth is that a majority of online sources push this webinar fad.

So, I put this question to you. Has becoming an online entreprenuer been so diluted, that it is almost lazy?

Will the amount of free ebooks and valueless webinars reach critical mass, inevitably resulting in market collapse, as everyone from your postmen to your granny is pushing a free webinar/sales funnel, to promote there online video course or program.

Here’s hoping, as I’m not sure I’m interested in learning the finer points of flower arranging, from a little old lady in Florida…well, not just yet :)

So, whilst people continue to hand over there hard earned cash to learn the black arts of webinars and email list sales funnels, I’ll continue to put in the hard graft to build my online business, and bring my users real value in exchange for there time.

Who knows, maybe I’ll sell a webinar or ebook in the future on the secrets of my success. That would be somewhat ironic.

Thanks for reading, Matt.