Videogames Are Better Without Mechanics
Bruno Dias

Fascinating time capsule here. And someone who praised Night Trap, no less!

But this reminds me so much of a lot of the articles I’d see at the time, especially those that would a few years later be floating around in the new Wired magazine. They undersell the possibilities of the technology and oversell the human race.

This was 1992 after all, not 1982, so there was plenty of evidence that children and adults alike enjoyed distracting themselves with relatively simplistic console and arcade games. I suppose he hoped that the only thing we needed to be exposed to was lush, complex and systemless virtual worlds and we’d cease our desire for the mind-numbing repetition of grinding away at scores.

We do have games that are completely focused on the story and the journey and then games that are all about racking up the points to the exception of all else, with many falling somewhere in between, so perhaps he did glimpse that future where we’d have our ‘walking simulator’ games, dismissed by some as he would no doubt dismiss the modern FPS as still a glorified ‘shooting gallery’.