When to be tough and when to be nice

Some of you may be familiar with the famous book from Dan Carnegie, "How to make friends and influence people". The essence of the book is "Care about people first and they will care about you". Put their interests before yours in a genuine and uninterested fashion.

This is a great life philosophy, we tend to be so self centred that we forget that without others we would have no reason to live. Imagine a life completely isolated, why would we do anything if no one could see it? What would motivate you to wake up in the morning and work if not the need to eat and survive.

Valuing companionship in its widest spectrum ensures that we experience the widest spectrum of emotions. Being in contact with people from various backgrounds and opinions enriches us. How often have you had an interesting conversation with someone who always agrees with you?

This being said, some relationships are toxic and damaging. Think of someone who always criticises you, doesn’t listen, has a bad temper. Criticising his behavior will only trigger a defensive response. Showing the example would work over time, however we only have so much time to spend on less than recommendable people. So it is better and simpler to avoid them. This will be your tough response, the no-show response. The one I give to terrible drivers by not even lowering my tainted windows to answer their insults. No-show, you have earned the right to be ignored by me. Have a nice day 😎