An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

As an English major, maybe you should know that it is you who writes your own novel. You made every choice: from the move, to the job, to the 30-mile transport, to the overpriced location. True, maybe you did have to get out of your hometown. BUT just maybe you should have planned it better, saved up money, had more support (where has your dad been?). It sounds like you have never been on your own before, so maybe your hometown was a little more supportive than you realized. What, you just think you can move to some big city and collect handouts? Guess you found out the hard way. That’s the real world for you, sweetheart. You know what, I would not be surprised if you did not learn a thing from this experience. You blindly went in with high hopes and no questions, knowledge, or concept of how you could accomplish your plan. What were you thinking? So for your poor planning and inability to be an adult, you feel the need to place the blame on a person (the CEO for Yelp) instead of on your own ignorant stupidity? That is just sad. You do not know what he’s been through, quite frankly neither do I. What I do know is that the only way you get where you need to be is through character, and sweetheart, yours is not looking too pretty. This was a pathetic attempt at viral fame. Just because you graduated with an English major does not make you a celebrity. I really hope that you learn from this and become more humble. Maybe now that silly outfit is more appealing because, darling, at least it pays.