Burndown: A Better Way To Build Products (Free e-Book from Drift)

Matt Bilotti
Jul 9, 2017 · 2 min read

No matter how talented your product team is, it seems every software company is still plagued by the following…

  1. Shipping things too quickly and cutting corners, causing longer-term issues (quick ship releases)
  2. Not shipping fast enough and frustrating sales, success, marketing, support, etc. (big bang releases)
  3. Not enough transparency into what the product team is building. Stakeholders feel out of the loop or unclear on exactly what’s coming or being worked on
  4. A never-ending game of prioritization and shifting priorities

If you’re like us, then no matter what you’ve tried, these challenges still linger over your team. But if you’re being honest with yourself, you know your team can achieve more.

That’s how we felt back in 2009 at Performable, when we first discovered the principles of Burndown. Then when Performable was acquired in 2011, we got the opportunity to battle-test those principles at HubSpot. Now, at Drift, we’re perfecting the principles of Burndown and codifying them. Since implementing the Burndown framework at Drift, we’ve seen a 5x increase in revenue — far more growth than we ever thought our team could achieve.

We hope you will see a similar lift when you finish reading this book.

David Cancel & Matt Bilotti from Drift

Download your free copy in your favorite format…

Matt Bilotti

Written by

Product Manager @Drift. Always learning. Sharing some of what I already have.

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