Is this response only to plug your book?
Isaac Mann

Hey Issac,

You’re right — it did take me a while to respond to your message. I should have responded sooner.

I appreciate your viewpoint here and it’s good to have diverse opinions as part of a discussion. The e-book talks about some of the situations in which Burndown would be useful, in addition to touching on optimal team structure. There is no doubt it isn’t perfect, as is true with any of these methodologies.

Burndown is another option for those who are having trouble with existing methodologies or are looking for something that can work better in their business context than what they’re using today. There are a bunch of people that have already reached out to me and mentioned the positive impact it’s had for them. All the while, there are certainly some that I’m sure have not had the same levels of success, which, as you pointed out, can certainly be true in different contexts.

If you’re not interested, no worries at all. Thanks for the note — Hope you have a good one!

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