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In a modern American society where the world “adulting” was invented to describe the mature and responsible action of a grown person as well as to sell silly slogan t-shirts, “moving-on””is about as much adulting The Don can muster. He is at the zenith of his maturity at age 71 and he is still a man-child affecting a mature tone only when it suits him.

It is unprecedented that any POTUS sides with an antagonistic state over his own His blissful unawareness of his elitist attitude seemingly brushes off his pending federal charges of obstruction, or at worst election tampering and treason, and further exonerates the other person in the world responsible for his presidency means he elevated himself as the judge and jury despite being the defendant. Trump apparently has forgotten that Mueller is preparing a firing squad for him. He means to make himself a Caesar —placing himself above the law. And if the US is no longer nation of laws then we return to a medieval monarchy or oligarchy. I’m quite sure this works for the entitled princeling that Donnie Boy has always been.

Trump is perhaps the worst threat to America since the Civil War. The longer he’s in office with so many people excusing his chicanery and corrupt action the more of America we lose. He means to re-write the US in his gilded Trump brand until we are all “working” for the Trump Organization. Because of his fanatical alt-right followers he can do no wrong in their eyes and they are his cult, ready to drink his Cool-Aide. These are the very people that claim to be patriots and “real Americans” but don’t hold the ideals of the Constitution in esteem.

Trump’s meeting with Putin underscores how, like Julius Caesar, he doth stride the world like a Colossus.” Only he is a colossal disaster for the country.

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