How India saved its internet from greedy corporations
Febin John James

Part of net neutrality is privacy. To me that’s the most important issue. In the US under the current administration, all our click patterns are going to be allowed to be sold by companies targeting your likes and consumer patterns for targeted ads. This is like the old telemarketing phone lists and even older mailing lists — only internet is far more reaching and invasive. This has the double edge sword of having entire online sessions essentially recorded which can be misused by some companies, and not just the unreputable ones. Hacking, blackmail, identity theft and other nefarious activities will stem from allowing companies to track and sell personal internet searches.

So far I’ve not heard of any similar activist movements in the US looking to prevent corporate selling of personal data without given consent as well as having the added responsibility of keeping safe and private our personal data. The US can learn something from India activism.

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