Every Late Night Talk Show Is A Sleazy Plutocratic Rim Job
Caitlin Johnstone

Sounds like someone got up on the Alt-right side of her narrow-minded bed. This rant could’ve been a cohesion building piece but is no better than what the writer accuses late night talk show hosts’ humor of being. In fact it is worse, because it is directly insulting it’s intended audience. Trying to get a point across to Libs? Then try not bashing their beliefs or their heroes. For in today’s insane times, heroes they are not just for poking fun at the foibles of politicians, but for actually pointing out the dangerous behaviors of demagogues like Trump, phonies like Clinton, idiots like Bush and disappointing figures like Obama. Yes these “neo-liberals” do point fingers at their own, something that the Conservative media will rarely if ever do against it’s own. Next time start with the notions before you write:

  1. liberals and liberalism is NOT bad.
  2. it is not a catch-all everything that is wrong in the world.
  3. “terminal metastatic neoliberalism” is no more of a thing than “terminal metastatic conservatism” and if there is then they would account for small groups at either end of the political spectrum.
  4. liberals drive progress which is what moves society forward and if not for liberals we’d all still be stuck in the Dark Ages.

Late night TV talk shows are not “fake news” or even news. They don;t “break” or report any news, only comment on it. These shows are satires and commentaries run by comedians. Therefore they are NOT the liberal equivalent of conservative media. That is the realm of CNN, MSNB and the Huffington post.

However, late night talk shows provide more balanced “reporting” in their opening monologues than an entire day’s worth of conservative “news.” Their use of humor is a tool to combat the bellicose, dour and dangerous rhetoric of FOX, Breitbart, Rush Limbaugh, and InforWars. If Stephen Colbert was a liberal equivalent to Alex Jones, we’d have all cut our wrists by now. What I find really ironic is that there is no conservative equivalent to Colbert, Myers, Mahr, Bee or Noah. None. Yet conservatives always seem to whine that these late night shows are fake news sources and their hosts are deriding their values just so they can galvanize their fan base in anger and mistrust.

As for being “corporatized,” there are degrees of this. The alt-right media is certainly following the corporate agendas of network’s ownership. Their style feeds the hate and fear riddled conservative base who are easy marks for loyal viewership by heaping more anger and hate with factoids and in many cases outright lies. While conservatives can accuse CNN or MSNBC of the same, youo can’t do that with late night talk shows. They simply expose hypocrisy, wrong-doing and idiocy in all forms. Yes, they do target conservative, but that they are dominating the headlines right now with deplorable and despicable acts. But if you go back to Obama’s administration they grilled him pretty hard at times too.

The concept that somehow satirists are liberal media is laughable. They are entertainment; comedy. It may even be dark comedy for these dark times. There is nothing wrong with that. If conservatives have a problem with late night talk shows being too liberal, then they should just start their own and find an articulate, intelligent and humorous comedian or pundit to host it. Either that or just get a sense of humor and stop being a thin-skinned snowflake.