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The Senate bill was even more vicious in cutting healthcare benefits to Americans and more onerous in its benefits in tax cuts to billionaires. Couple that with Mitch McConnell’s evil act of committing it’s development to secrecy in a room with a bunch of old white guys and trying to get it rushed though a Senate in 2 weeks makes EVERYONE suspicious. This Congress is so corrupt even on the very surface that this and all future bills like it should fall flat. Only through bi-partisan consensus from input from both parties with compassion toward the majority of American people will they ever get a new HC bill.

With that said, either fix what is wrong with Obamacare (and there is some consensus on that, OR replace it entirely by expanding Medicaid for all that choose and need it.

Pinning HC to company employment is another version of a caste society. In our rights to the “pursuit of happiness” health is a major component of that right. Now that we are the richest country with resources that can cover this (if applied right), it is time to see that ALL Americans deserve an equal shot at good health just as they do for education, jobs, and voting.

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