A Proposal to Start a Responsible, Reliable, Reasonable Conservative News Organization
Jeff Jarvis

Establishment mainstream media are liberal. The vast majority of journalists are liberal. Journalism schools are liberal. Our failure to be honest and open about that is a key cause of the distrust that has overtaken news media, particularly from the right.

This is a terrible idea. How do you have a fact-based journalistic outlet that is conservative in ideology? The very definition of the 4th estate is to be impartial. That means liberal or conservative slants on stories are not acceptable and journalists must be professional enough to keep their beliefs and values out of their stories.

What this article proposes is more of what we have now in the guise of journalistic integrity. If say FOX News proposed to do this they would still be running conservative news, minus the editorialism but promoting the same division of ideology we see today. Its a non sequitur.

“Liberal media” is simply media. It has always been there. The established news agencies are label liberal and now “fake” because there are certain people that simply can’t handle the truth. Alternative facts. Science deniers. Fake news. These are all contrived terms that make cry-baby many (not all) conservatives feel better about their ignorance and acceptance of the world. While liberal media outlets like Fox News do exist for the same reasons (feeding the fear of the far right agenda to the left) journalistic integrity, LONG AGO, was determined to have NO POLITICAL OR RELIGIOUS OVERTONES.

Whatever happened to simply reporting who, what where when and why?

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