Propagandists Have Been Using Dishonest Manipulations To Kill The Seth Rich Story
Caitlin Johnstone

America’s unelected power establishment wants to smack down the Putin government, which has been unashamedly involving itself in key strategic locations like Syria and the Crimean peninsula, and has been collaborating with China and its allies to eventually weaken the hegemony of the US dollar in that region.

This quote is how I can tell this story is a conspiracy theory gone far afield or that it’s click bait. America’s unelected “power establishment” has no power. The Executive office is a quasi-Republican and extreme opportunistic populist mega-narcissist who invented the term “fake news” to short-circuit all news sources he wishes to discredit. The House and Senate are Republican controlled and have far more power than some supposed unelected power elite. With a few key stroke and phone calls they can bring the entire weight of Congress to bear against any supposed influential establishment no matter what the news cycles say. The Judiciary is now stacked in favor of the Conservatives (aka Republicans). ‘Nuf said on that.

Yes there is sensationalistic news. Yes there is editorial media blurring the lines between news and opinion (aka the real fake news). Yes there is a ton of unnamed sources. The last part is very disturbing indeed, but not for the reason the author thinks. If it was an unnamed source from Breitbart, I’d be dubious about it. From a major news outlet, not so much. The reason that these sources are increasingly becoming unnamed is because of the volatile political environment prevalent in the US today. There is virtually no protection for them. Whistle blower laws only go so far in a legal sense and where it become political (i.e. political wrong-doing vs. financial) there is little incentive out side of one’s own conscious.

All that said, and you have to know just this: All it takes is one credible allegation to start an investigation and one piece of hard evidence to start an impeachment process. There are almost too many accusations to count and they seem to mount everyday with new White House leaks and information from outside sources detailing Trump’s clear ties (either via his business business or his surrogates) that can’t be ignored.

I’m sure his supporters want nothing more than to have this simply go away (for simple solutions to even complex matters is all they understand) by driving their collective heads in the sand deep enough to drowned out the voices of reason. There’s definitely fire under all this smoke coming from Trump’s camp. Time to either snuff it or his presidency.