Texas A&M University President says professor’s “white people may need to die to achieve equality”…
Amora Rivera

This seems like a case of too much education meeting too much anger. Listening to his podcast you can hear a cogent and articulate argument, but his emotional proselytizing behind it is misguided in stating that the only way to get change is black violence meeting white violence. There is much that is wrong with that statement and it doesn’t end well for anyone. I don’t agree that violence is a solution. Neither did Martin Luther King. But MLK’s story only goes to prove that a peaceful black activist, with a peaceful message and organizing peaceful protests was killed by a white man simply for speaking out.

Look, fellow white people, white privilege exists in this country. You probably will never understand it fully, but you can acknowledge that is harder for a black person to live in this country than a white person. It’s not your fault it exists, but it is your fault if you don’t acknowledge that there is inequality. Inequality, not in theory or law, but in practice.

Black people do want more opportunities out of life, BUT not do necessarily want more than white people. They only want to be equal. Now we are getting into economics where the sharing of resources (primarily jobs and money) are the drivers behind racism an xenophobia. In times of plenty with job growth, low inflation and opportunities racism (like a tumor) may still be there is not a threat. When the population is generally happy they tend to “live and let live.” But when economics start to go bad (ans it always does because it’s cyclical), people become angry and irritated and like electricity to a grounding rod want to expell their ire at the nearest and most convenient target —at other groups of people. That’s when the racist tumor growth and metastasizes. And it certainly doesn’t help when opportunistic politicians and media look to capitalize off of negative emotions rather than assuage them.

That is where we are today; nearly two decades of economic decline and stagnation. And nearly 60 years after the Civil Rights Movement and anti-discrimination laws we are seeing a resurgence of racism. Is it surprising? Is it at all surprising? Seems so, but not if you understand the “why.”

Freeing the slaves legally ended racism, but not the personal attitudes. Civil Rights addressed what the Emancipation Proclamation didn’t, but not the personal attitudes. Because what these movements represented was the possibility of additional competition with equal rights to the same work and competing for traditional white-held jobs while doing the work for less and driving down wages for all. That is basic economics and black people didn;t cause that. The US Constitution did. Only we are now, 235 years later, still coming to grips with the true power of that document. It’s time that Americans stopped think only of ourselves, and accept that ALL our fellow citizens deserve exactly what we ourselves want.

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