Parsing The Comey Firing
Michael Tracey

“…Trump firing Comey could be worthy of condemnation irrespective of the underlying “Russian interference” narrative which some are so hell-bent on proving. Firing the FBI director is an extreme act, and could only be justified under extreme circumstances; as yet Trump has failed to supply a rationale for why the present circumstances are so extreme that the firing should be viewed as warranted.”

Occam’s Razor: Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected. Given all the chicanery that has happened under the Trump administration, the easiest theory is that he is a lying, cheating, power-mad demagogue. Beyond his backdoor dealing as a businessman, his actions in office alone and given his volatile, unstable nature while occupying the highest office of the nation needs to be investigated even under the most “charitable interpretation” by a special prosecutor without delay.

Concerned citizens and those that voted against him outnumber those that put blind faith in the man. It’s a simple conclusion that he and his inner circle should be answering some serious questions in front of a Grand Jury right now.

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