We finally know what’s going to be in the Senate version of Trumpcare — and it’s not pretty
Judd Legum

We all knew this bill would not be a good one. Instead of simply proposing to fix certain aspect of the ACA they chose to roll out their new one to replace the old one. The GOP never wanted universal HC and the Dems manged to get one passed. Now that even their base as vehemently said they NEED the ACA coverage they have sought to discredit and replavce it with their own in a bizarre for of rebranding.

As flawed as ACA is it makes the AHCA look like a “death squad” by comparison. It will be completely dysfunctional and prohibitive to the people that it was supposed to help — especially to working class supporters n red states (aka Trump’s people). While I’d say, “you get what you deserve for being so gullible” these people have also dragged me and my family in to this mess. So we are all still in the same boat.

If the GOP really cared about a functional plan they’d have either fixed what is wrong with the one in place OR take their time an figure out a single-payer system akin to Canada and Northern Europe.

And had the GOP not through up their opposition to “Obamacare” or Hilary Clinton’s reforms of the 1990’s, HC wouldn’t be so dysfunctional now that it needs “saving.” These heartless decisions are all about saving taxes for for the rich and corporations and not about anything right for the citizens that pay there fair share of taxes.

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