If We’re Gonna Impeach Trump, Let’s Make Sure We’re Clear on A Couple Points

When Nixon was impeached it was over obstruction of justice into allegations of voter fraud.

When they impeached Bill Clinton, it was over a witch hunt that had nothing to do with anything politically and Special Prosecutor Ken Starr spent $44 million in taxpayer money on a sex scandal to get Bill to lie about a personal matter in front of a Grand Jury.

By contrast, if Trump is impeached, it will be for:

  1. collusion with a foreign government and possible enemy of the State
  2. felony electoral rigging
  3. disseminating false information
  4. wrongful termination of a federal employee
  5. personal threats of said employee
  6. Defamation of character
  7. felony conflicts of interest
  8. intelligence leaks without following proper channels
  9. obstruction of the law
  10. and a golden shower tape

People have called Trump’s transgressions Nixonian, but these allegations far exceed what Tricky Dick ever did and those too started out as allegations. Further, if anything, this mirrors what the GOP orchestrated against Slick Willie, by catching him in some wrong-doing forcing it to a Grand Jury and putting him in the position of lying to protect his reputation, his family and the office of the President. Yes, he was guilty of sex acts in the Oval Office, but at least THAT didn’t breech national security.

There are too many allegations that lead back to Russian collusion at this point that, whether Trump is innocent or guilty of all or any of it, it should be investigated to know the truth so we can move on one way or another. The fact that Herr Twittler has impeded, obstructed, and denied any collusion with Russia, he personally ADMITTED (not fake media) to having personal ties with Putin before, BEFORE!, November 9th. Why that by itself was NEVER considered a red flag in the minds of his so-called patriotic voter-base I’ll never quite understand. He later admitted to also in Lester Holt’s interview that he asked Comey if he was under investigation. That is a massive breech of ethics.

So, even if you didn’t read the rest of my post and scrolled to the end, discussions of impeachment are not just due to lack of evidence of Trump’s ties to Russia, but because his actions since the allegations and investigations merit charges.