AI Weekly Update #3

Interesting perspective by The Economist on how AI will create demand for new jobs that currently do not exist. Key take away is that technology improvements are rarely bane or blessings and there will be trade-offs as AI impacts the work force. MORE HERE

I am a big fan of the Visual Capitalist’s work and found this infographic particularly interesting. An overview of the history of AI, estimated size of the market by 2030 ($15.7 trillion!), and an overview of what industries may see the largest benefit (or negative impact depending on your view!) MORE HERE

A very Minority Reportish use of AI in New York. Law enforcement agencies are using facial recognition technology to crack down on fraud, identity theft, and other offenses. MORE HERE

There were some really interesting AI companies at Y Combinator demo day. I’ll highlight two here. (1) Pyka is working on an autonomous single-person plane MORE HERE and (2) Plasticity is working to become a “centralized solution” for Natural Language Processing; this company was funded by the Philadelphia chapter of the Dorm Room Fund which I am apart of, impressive team solving big problems. MORE HERE

In an effort to not get left behind, Ford placed a big bet on autonomous vehicle startup Argo AI. Ford is investing $1 billion into the startup. This is particularly interesting because Ford is also working with AutoX to develop autonomous driving capabilities. MORE HERE