New Dictionary term: New By Me

New by me: Oh it’s by you is it? Well I had no fucking idea, I mean who else could it be by? These fucking columnists and political pundits are so fucking self absorbed and unhinged it’s not even funny any more. Like every fucking day some loser on social media posts something saying “New by me” usually with a link to a website they wrote it for ie: The New York Times. Then you click on the article and it has at the very top of the page, the name of the author who wrote it. Sometimes they even say “written by(fill in the blank)”. Then right below they say yet again “New by me”. Holy fucking shit are these people assholes, and to make things even more about themselves located at the bottom of the article is usually something to the effect of “have any questions or comments for the author of this piece? Well here’s my email(which usually includes the the author’s name) to get it touch with, and in case that doesn’t work here’s other ways you can get in contact with me”. Bu wait we’re not fucking done yet sometimes their’s an about the author section where yet again you can find the author’s name and also how they got started and so on and so forth. But wait their’s more sometimes their are even links to more articles they’ve written “If you like this article here are other articles written by this author”. Now to top things off sometimes on the side their is a list of columnists for the website which includes the author of the piece. I mean my fucking god enough with the “New by me” bullshit because it’s getting fucking old.

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