But we’re dreaming of something better

Screenshot: Winamp Skin Museum

There was a time when the aesthetics of listening to music on a computer could be bulbous, metallic, even downright alien. Sometimes the software glowed like a sinister stereo from an alternate, more advanced reality. Or it could look gaudy, garish, amateurish in its design. There were always hidden panels, visualizers lurking, more sliders than you’d ever need. If you wanted, you could coax music out of a green man’s bald head.

It seemed to make sense at the time.

This was the era of Winamp and MusicMatch Jukebox, a time in the late ’90s and early 2000s when streaming…

Matthew Braga

I write features and essays about culture and technology. Featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, The Verge, VICE, BuzzFeed, The Globe and Mail, Hazlitt, and more.

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