Coffee Timing

A daily ritual taken for granted.

Most people drink their coffee first thing in the morning or in the afternoon. Both are usually for “waking up”. I too have a cup in the morning and usually a cup in the afternoon with the occasional post-lunch cup also. Admittedly, I sometimes want a little caffeine rejuvenation in the afternoon. What having the cup really does for me, however, is it breaks up the day a bit and gives me a relaxing break.

Manually brewing has become a relaxing event for me. It is a chance to step away and let my brain rest. Brewing the cup is just as important as the caffeine the cup provides. It really is no different than getting out of your office for walk or a breathe of fresh air outside. Its a chance to slow down and become more aware of your thoughts. I know this all sounds very zen or whatever and maybe it is. I really don’t know much about zen but I do know what brewing a great cup of coffee does for my productivity and focus.

Poul Mark of Transcend Coffee used to often say on his video podcast, “Drink less, more often”. This really speaks to specialty coffee. If you have a really good cup it should satisfy your desires. Instead of having a big 20 oz coffee you sip on all morning, try having one 8 oz cup of quality coffee and enjoy it. It should be an experience that lasts you several hours. The coffee shouldn’t last several hours but the feeling and experience of brewing and enjoying the cup should. Later in the day have another great 8 oz cup.

What I have found is that I actually drink less coffee than I used to when I drank Ventis and brewed pots, Starbucks and afternoon crashes. When I crashed it was never really a tired feeling but, rather, a feeling of losing focus. Now, I rarely feel this way and I am drinking less coffee than I was during the Starbucks days.