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These terms come up all the time but are rarely defined or discussed. So we’re going to have a look at these different ways of thinking about and writing code, and where advantages between them lie.

There are different ways and means to program. Some of them come up only occasionally, while some are becoming increasingly prominent. What defines these things, though, is not so much syntax or pattern as it is the way of thinking about things. These are paradigms.

The paradigms we’ll discuss are Procedural, Object Oriented, and Functional programming. As a baseline we’ll discuss these paradigms largely in JavaScript syntax, as it’s capable of all of the above, but will diverge into other languages as and when needed.

Procedural or Imperative Programming

Programming procedurally is a very explicit, step-by-step way of coding. …


Matt Burgess

Web Developer based in Brisbane, Australia. Javascript and Blockchain Developer. Creator of Crab-CLI, a generator and scaffolder for React.

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