I agree to an extent, definitely with the idea that the most valuable part of my university…
Aran Long

Yeaaah, your first point is what I tried to use for motivation for theoretical modules. Worked OK in first year, especially for algorithms and data structures. But this year, it really failed to motivate me with other theory.

Totally true — will be probably way more dropouts from other reasons than actually being able to create value from elsewhere. But if you do have the skills, then you survive and talk about it…

Definitely, it’s not that it’s invaluable. It’s super valuable, especially for the hard stuff. The great thing about CS and software, is once a problem is solved, it doesn’t have to be solved many more times. That’s probably the reason there’s so much value potential for most people, the value potential was already created by the hardcore computer scientists, then everyone else can just create more value using it.

Thanks for commenting Aron, you really added to what I lacked in the article 😊

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