Stop Hitting Yourself

The classic older brother torture game.

Yesterday I asked a computer programmer how often he has new business ideas. There was a long pause and I could feel his internal struggle of not knowing what to say so I added “you’re on the cutting edge of new software and technology, you read the latest industry news and you talk about the latest trends right? You must have ideas at LEAST every once in a while, right?”

“Yeah I mean I don’t really have any right now..” He replied. That wasn’t the question though. I just wanted to know if he was aware of having ideas at all.

I pressed again with “I’m not asking for ideas you have right now and I’m not asking for brilliance or anything to impress me. I just want to know if you have ideas while you work.”

“No I don’t really have ideas.” he said.

SHOCKING because only a week ago he shared an idea with me that he’s either already forgotten about or already disqualified as an idea all together.

Unfortunately this is how most of us are before we choose to attack ideas, notice them and take note of them.

He needs to stop hitting himself.