Understanding the differences within the responsible tech community will help us provide the right solutions

As Rachel Coldicutt, Sam Brown and the team at Doteveryone continue to drive forward the conversation around responsible technology, at Albion we’ve been helping them dive into the attitudes and behaviours of self-identified ‘responsible tech advocates’.

Doteveryone’s new TechTransformed programme brings the abstract ethical discussion into the practical, real world.

In our previous post, we discussed how advocates tend to share a number of similar perspectives (do take a look if you haven’t had a chance). But to make this effective we also need to embrace the differences that exist within the community.

At the end of 2018, we conducted…

The common attitudes and behaviours of self-identified ‘responsible advocates’.

Image of 3-min Lightning Talk participants at Responsible Tech 2019 on Thurs 31 January. Credit: Paul Clarke

Doteveryone wants more people to enter the growing responsible technology conversation. But keeping it as an intangible ethical discussion will mean many remain disinterested. To make it a little more real, Rachel Coldicutt, Sam Brown and their team have begun to develop a practical approach to embed responsible decision making in the product development process.

Those who were at #ResponsibleTech19 saw the first fruits of their labour, and you can follow the most recent developments on the TechTransformed platform.

Photo by Joshua Rodriguez on Unsplash

Across sectors, we’ve talked a lot about recognising customers’ genuine needs in order to meet their growing expectations of products and services. Commercial lines is no different, and the intimate connection provided by the broker-client relationship means insurers are uniquely placed to do so.

In the UK, SMEs make up 99% of all businesses, providing 60% of employment. 96% of all businesses are, in fact, micro-businesses with fewer than 10 employees. At that size, and even as scale increases, people, more than anything else, are critical to business success. They’re the decision makers, the customer empathisers, the systems enforcers. However…

How do we take ethical considerations and bring them to the heart of product development? That’s the knotty problem Doteveryone have been trying to tackle for the past two years, and very suddenly became part of the public discourse in light of the Cambridge Analytica scandal in 2018.

Yesterday’s #ResponsibleTech19 event brought together a broad array of people from across Public, Private and Third Sectors to share approaches to make this most intangible of concerns more practical.

There’s no easy answer, but the diverse perspectives on display began to congregate across four key areas:

  1. We’re all human. In order for…

Why does the insurance claims process fill policyholders with dread? Done wrong, it feels interminably long and loaded with anxiety. Will they accept my claim? Does my policy even cover this? What was my excess again? Is this even worth it?

The experience belies the fact that many insurers have failed to recognise the actual needs of their customers or that those needs might ever differ. It’s generic, impersonal and can’t really be expected to deliver peace of mind.

Committing to build a genuine understanding of how the needs of different customers, who have bought different policies, acting in different…

A stack of paper. Not what insurers should be striving to provide

In the wake of the Great Fire, when London’s residents signed an agreement with the companies of insurance pioneers, they were being provided with a guarantee of protection; protection from fire, and unnecessary worry. An understanding that if anything was to go wrong, they’d be supported. They were buying ability to keep going in the face of disaster. They were buying peace of mind.

Customers have never wanted to buy a policy document. They don’t want the cash from a claim. They’ve never wanted to make a claim in the first place. All they’ve ever really wanted is to be…

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