Generation X had the luxury of being rebel slackers, but Millennials have to be total squares
Stephanie Buck

Where? I don’t know about New York or California, but you are in absolutely NO WAY describing the Millennials of Oklahoma. Not at all.

BUT, your description does fit quite well with the huge swath of geeks in the center of Gen X who created the Interwebbed world the Millennials grew up in.

Confusing a generation with its Rolling Stone covers is a huge mistake.

The primary reason why your statistics are happening is simply because there are MORE Millennials and so they have to divide the fishes between twice as many people. → Those GenXers who did not put their nose to the grindstone ended up no better off than their Millennial counterparts: there are just MORE Millennials, therefore more losers in the competition.

While the cost of maintaining a so-called Millennial lifestyle may require a dedication to career and a certain level of seriousness, I assure you I have the solution for you:

Give up the internet.

Listen to cassette tapes and vinyl.

Buy an SD TV (or have no TV)

Throw away your cell phone and your cell phone bill.

Sell your computer.

Quit eating expensive organic health food.

Quit buying coffee at coffee shops.

Then you will be living like a Generation X’er in the 90’s and you will find you have PLENTY of money left over.

Your welcome.