I’ve heard this question a lot.

How do I make my Phaser game look good on all devices?

TL:DR; Show me the code! https://github.com/mattcolman/react-progressive-list

The DOM is typically slow at rendering long lists. It’s a common problem in web development today, especially on mobile web.

Enter the virtualized list!

A virtualized list works by only rendering rows that are visible on screen, and ignoring the rest. react-virtualized is…

Copied from my personal blog, written in 2015.

A problem came up the other day at work that got me thinking.
I wrote five really nice functions that all performed asynchronous tasks.

//NOTE: this.setTimeout is just an alias for setTimeout but I’m using this to demonstrate scope. …

Copied from my personal blog. Written in 2015.

I once went to a job interview for a front end team lead role. The interview started well, it was very casual, we shared stories, we joked, we laughed and then BAM! The mood changed.

Ok show us how to make Tic…

Sure, you’re probably already using Pull Requests in your team. You know it’s best practice and it may have proven to be useful on a few occasions, but are you getting the most out of them?

In many tech teams Pull Requests are mandatory to get code into the develop…

(for webpack users)

TL;DR Take me to the code!

If you’re like me and you love Phaser and Webpack, then this package should come in handy. I’ll also note that Phaser 3 uses Webpack 2 which is very exciting!

Webpack loaders mean that my assets (images, audio etc) all get…

Phaser ListView is my first open source project, available for install via npm.
npm install phaser-list-view too easy!

This is pretty much an iOS-like ListView for Phaser.

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