Never Stop Fighting

Stand up. I know you are tired. I know you are hurt. But lift yourself up. Take one more step, throw one more punch. Stand up and keep fighting.

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling but in rising every time we fall” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Failure. At some point in our lives we all experience failure. We fail to keep a commitment; we fail to achieve our goals, we fail.

The first time we fail we can often get up and brush it off, after all failures happen. But what happens when we find ourselves in a rut. Failing again, and again, and again.

There might be times when we fail at something for months, or years. This consistent exposure to failure can erode our confidence and drastically altering our mindset. With failure so prominent in our lives we start to identify as a failure. We believe that because we repeatedly fail we are a failure. Because we are a failure we are destined to fail again. Ironically this mentality m makes us much makes us more likely to fail. If we even try at all.

This is where repeated failure gets really dangerous. In order to break out of the failure cycle we must continue to try again. But every time we fail we feel less willing to do so. To prevent ourselves from getting stuck in this cycle we need to find some way to counteract failures effect on our psyche.

We need to believe a more constructive paradigm. That failure does not have to define us. And that we can fail at something without being a failure. We can choose to view ourselves as a fighter instead of as a failure.

During the course of a fight a fighter will take over one hundred punches and may be knocked down several times. Every time a fighter is knocked down he is presented with a choice. The choice to continue fighting or to concede defeat. If you have ever seen a Rocky movie you’ll know that you can get knocked down several times and still comeback to win the fight. But in order to win you must first get up off of the floor and choose to fight again.

When we are trapped in the throes of failure, getting up to fight again is a daunting task. We are tempted to say why bother? Why should we keep fighting? Why not just give up?

1. Because we will never succeed if we don’t fight for it

First and foremost because quitting will never result in us achieving our goals. The obstacles in our way will not magically disappear. The problems we have will not solve themselves. It is up to us to dismantle every obstacle that we face on the path to success. If we want to succeed we need to get up and keep fighting for what we want.

2. Because choosing not to fight means settling for a life we know we are better than.

Choosing not to fight means giving up. Giving up means settling. Settling for a life in which we don’t achieve our goals. A life where don’t see our dreams become a reality. The bottom line is that if you keep quitting on yourself then you are actively destroying your dreams. You are choosing to tell your future self that they aren’t worth fighting for. Does that sound like a fun conversation to have?

If you are like me you have goals and dreams. Things you want to do with your life. Sometimes when you try to do those things you will fail. I want you to know that even if you fail, once, twice, or a hundred times that it does not make you a failure. You will only be a failure if you choose not to stand up and fight for your dreams.


Matt Coppola

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