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HIPAA Compliance helps your organization to protect patient information and comply with HIPAA Security, Privacy and Breach notification rule. HIPAA Compliance templates can be used to develop privacy and security policies that address the HIPPA requirements and support compliance with Security rule. Let’s discuss about HIPAA law.

What is HIPAA?

HIPPA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. HIPAA was a federal law passed in 1996. This US law was designed to provide privacy standards to protect patient’s health information and medical records.HIPAA act was established by the Department of Health and Human Services to give access to the patients to their medical records. This act became effective from April 14, 2003. The prime goal of this act is to protect the security and confidentiality of the health care information. It helps health care industry to control administrative costs. This law provides patients the right to see their medical information and request modification in case of any discrepancies.

Who must be HIPAA Compliant?

Any person or organization who works with any health care industry or who has access to health information can comply with HIPAA. This basically includes:

• Healthcare Providers
• Business Associates
• Healthcare Clearing house
• Health Insurance companies

About HIPAA Training:

These training teach staffs about the rules and regulation of HIPAA law.HIPAA compliance is vital in healthcare because patient share their personal, financial and health information and some people may hack or steal these information. So HIPAA compliance training provides information on privacy and security requirements to the business associates and health care providers.

Topics that are covered in HIPAA Training:

• HIPAA privacy policy
• HIPAA law
• HIPAA Security
• About reasonable safeguards
• Security Breach
• physical ,administrative and technical safeguard
• Information on protected health information
• Information on handling and using PHI for marketing
• Enforcement of HIPAA
• Notice of Privacy Practices

After doing these online training you go HIPAA certification in order to make yourself more knowledgeable.


HIPAA law secures the health and personal information of the patients. All health care providers and business associates who deal with protected health information must obey all the rules provided by HIPPA. You can join HIPAA Training to get a detailed description of policies and regulation of HIPAA law.

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