Note: My story will be partially told through Doomtree lyrics. I discovered them when I started Matched Pattern and they’ve been a consistent source of inspiration, introspection and enthusiasm.

On a random Wednesday in May of 2017, I quit the job I had been working towards my entire career. It was at a very large, publicly traded company. They had every perk I could want and name recognition. It just wasn’t anything I wanted in the end. After interviewing for my fifth manager in a year, I told him I was out. …

Thanks for visiting! Matched Pattern is available for hire! We do web apps and infrastructure.

Our client Pearachute got the call Friday at 5:30pm that their episode of Shark Tank would air the following Sunday. That was all the info we had. We didn’t even know which hour of Shark Tank we’d be part of, nor what kind of traffic hit to expect. We were also sure we would’ve had more time to prepare for this!

Pearachute had one server on AWS that was handling all their web traffic. The database was a small, sleepy RDS cluster. …

I have never seen such bravery from individuals; across my entire life. This is my fourth KalamazooX conference and if you aren’t acquainted please let me share: KalamazooX is a small conference. It is a hidden jewel in the crowded conference season. I’ve been to them all over. You will not find the family that you find here at KalX. Today we grew together.

Today I saw bravery. I saw challenge. I saw rethinking the fundamental you. That’s what this show is about. Tech is what we do. KalX is who we are.

Over the last nine years Mike Eaton…


I’ve used MacVim religiously since 2010 but I like to try different editors for funsies. I’ve tried SublimeText for the last month. Which was better? What was the noise about? Why the change? Who cares?

After four days of using Sublime I scrapped MacVim. I’ve even gone through and archived all my ~/.vim environment. Sublime is like a MacbookPro. It looks good on top and it’s filled with horsepower under the hood. It can be as simple or as complex as you prefer. The great part about Sublime and Vim is that you don’t need to choose. …

I’ve attended the last three KalamazooX Conferences and each year I leave inspired enough to move mountains; it’s a deeply invigorating experience.

I was honored to be part of the planning committee this year and I even had the opportunity to run a Fishbowl before the afternoon sessions. We had 115 attendees and featured the largest percentage (~40%) of female attendees I’ve ever seen at a conf.

KalX focuses on the so-called “softer” side of your career; just the easy things like your happiness, fulfillment, anxities, etc. …

“Developer Advocate” is one of those terms that is ambiguous; much like “Cloud” or “DevOps”? What do those terms mean? Even folks in the industry can’t agree on a definition. Hopefully I can clean some things up with this post.

“Cloud” simply means someone else’s network — someone else’s storage. That’s all. It’s not magic. The “Cloud” is just a network that is someone else’s problem to maintain, etc.

What does “DevOps” mean? At its simplest form, “DevOps” is just getting servers and applications to behave in a definable, repeatable way from scratch. That’s it. It’s a bunch of tweaking…

If you’re a Rubyist and also deal with the cloud, you’ve likely heard of the Fog gem. It’s a great bit of code that refines cloud infrastructure chores between providers and presents a unified interface.

Today, Fog has removed support for Rackspace and moved it into a provider gem named “fog-rackspace”. This is a coordinated effort to make Fog more modular; which makes it easier to test, coordinate and release.

This change is already in master and fog-rackspace will be included by default so you should notice no changes.

Great refactorings are afoot in the fog ecosystem; stay tuned!

On 9/25/14 I was hired by

On 10/10/14 I was part of the family.

What’s the difference? What kind of lip-service is “family” in a corporate environment?

Let’s back up a bit.

I’ve spent the last few years in consulting and the startup minefield. Projects come and go, team members are always in transition and fires rage day and night. It doesn’t matter the company; it’s part of the game. Needless to say I got burned out and I needed a change. Along comes a tweet from Jesse Noller that Rackspace is looking for a Senior Rubyist. …

Recently I had the honor of participating in an Honor Flight and I would love to share my experiences in the hopes that others choose to volunteer their time and efforts. I volunteered because I was never able to say “Thank you” to my Grandfather for his service in WWII. My wife volunteered for the same reason; her Grandfather was a Silver Star recipient.

So what is an Honor Flight? Basically, you volunteer to chaperone an older (typically elderly) Veteran around the Washington, D.C. area to see the national monuments. …

As an educator, user group leader, and senior programmer I’m asked often what it takes to get your foot in the programming door. Recently I received an email and I thought it would be worthwhile to share my response and thoughts.

The fellow asked me the three following questions:

How good does one have to be? — Good enough. Part of “good enough” is trusting yourself to be good enough and to jump in. It’s a tough thing to put yourself out there for the first time. It’s like dating in middle school. But — once you get a few…

Matt Darby

CTO @ ScriptDrop.

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