Note: My story will be partially told through Doomtree lyrics. I discovered them when I started Matched Pattern and they’ve been a consistent source of inspiration, introspection and enthusiasm.

On a random Wednesday in May of 2017, I quit the job I had been working towards my entire career. …

Thanks for visiting! Matched Pattern is available for hire! We do web apps and infrastructure.

Our client Pearachute got the call Friday at 5:30pm that their episode of Shark Tank would air the following Sunday. That was all the info we had. We didn’t even know which hour of Shark Tank we’d be part of, nor what kind of traffic hit to expect. We were also sure we would’ve had more time to prepare for this!

Pearachute had one server on AWS that was handling all their web traffic. The database was a small, sleepy RDS cluster. …

I have never seen such bravery from individuals; across my entire life. This is my fourth KalamazooX conference and if you aren’t acquainted please let me share: KalamazooX is a small conference. It is a hidden jewel in the crowded conference season. I’ve been to them all over. You will not find the family that you find here at KalX. Today we grew together.

Today I saw bravery. I saw challenge. I saw rethinking the fundamental you. That’s what this show is about. Tech is what we do. KalX is who we are.

Over the last nine years Mike Eaton has hand picked speakers. Each year a theme follows. It’s never discussed. It’s never planned. We show up and speak our hearts — and the magical thing is that we find it’s the same heart. We all fear. We all tremble and worry that we are broken and not fit. …


Matt Darby

CTO @ ScriptDrop.

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