Sublime VS Vim


I’ve used MacVim religiously since 2010 but I like to try different editors for funsies. I’ve tried SublimeText for the last month. Which was better? What was the noise about? Why the change? Who cares?

After four days of using Sublime I scrapped MacVim. I’ve even gone through and archived all my ~/.vim environment. Sublime is like a MacbookPro. It looks good on top and it’s filled with horsepower under the hood. It can be as simple or as complex as you prefer. The great part about Sublime and Vim is that you don’t need to choose. Think of Sublime as Vim and TextMate had an editor.

The Great Stuff

  • The Command Palette is like Alfred for Vim!
  • Package management ecosystem
  • Tree based project layout sidebar (ala NerdTree)
  • Multi-file find/replace with instant preview and regex
  • Multi-line find/replace
  • Simple, little, easy plugins, with auto environment reload
  • Super powerful snippet system
  • Editing markdown with Vim bindings and github preview!
  • Syncable settings files for those with 1+ installs
  • Nearly instantaneous filesystem indexing / searching / refreshing
  • Spell checking only when you need it! (F6)
  • Dev’s dream of hitting Preferences and getting a JSON file

The Good

  • Non cryptic; plain English ecosystem with friendly folks
  • Sensible defaults, centralized JSON based configuration
  • Distraction Free mode is a great touch
  • Very snappy feel across daily usage. No memory hog.
  • Built in sort (F5). Why this in particular? Because I like sorting things.
  • Hasn’t crashed once

The Meh

  • The $70 license sucks, but it’s worth it. You’re a dev. Pay for quality software.
  • Re-learning to work with tabs vs panes
  • I wish controlling the sidebar was easier from the keyboard/had VIM bindings in Vintage mode
  • CMD-S vs :w && command mode/insert mode expectations: When you have Vintage mode on and hit CMD+S, it saves but it doesn’t take you out of insert mode, so you always get some half vim keybinding command randomly inserted into a `paragr _:wq_` of text.

What’s needed

  • More theming around the palette (positioning/size/chrome)
  • I wish there was a global way to control the size of the sidebar menu font

Awesome Plugins!