Developing tools for TechWo

TechWo is one of the tech communities that I collaborate with these days. I joined the project on December 8th, 2016, after the 2nd Meetup of the chapter Tuxtla Gutiérrez, in Chiapas, the state where I live.

It’s a project that I believe in and the one that I share my experience with. I’ve been a Free Software user for more than ten years, I’ve collaborated with some communities in the past, nowadays I’m member of the Mozilla community in Mexico and I dedicate part of my spare time to other initiatives, like Hacking Diem. As speaker I’ve attended more than fifty events in Mexico and other countries.

Guatemala is one of those countries that I always wanted to travel to for giving a talk. I’ve always said that we have so much to learn from what is being done related to Free Software and technology in general.

I had the opportunity to be in Huehuetenango, Guatemala from August 25th to August 27th, participating at some technology events. On August 26th I gave a talk at the meetup of the Python Guatemala community. I talked about the tools that I’m developing for TechWo.

In March this year I developed some tools for the Latin American Free Software Install Fest [FLISoL], an event that I’ve organized in Chiapas for the last seven years.

The idea behind these tools is to optimize the time that take to generate invitations and certificates of participation for speakers. The final result, two Python scripts that read a spreadsheet with information about speakers, one that generates the invitation and sends it through email, the other one generates a PDF of every certificate, ready for printing. So that it isn’t necessary to edit the documents manually.

More than four months ago I started to develop Telegram bots with a library for Python. I had the idea of creating a bot for the Chapter Tuxtla Gutiérrez of the community, a project that I started to learn, but finally it becomes a project that I will be working on for the next weeks, but for now I leave the idea of developing a bot and I will create a web application that integrates the tools that I developed for FLISoL. Tools that every chapter of TechWo can use.

At the meetup of the Python Guatemala community I was talking about these tools and explaining how they work and plans for the future. A productive event, as I was able to know the projects that are being developed with Python in the country, I also got some feedback, ideas, suggestions, questions that I didn’t have the answer for at the moment, which made possible to improve the code.

Meetup of the Python Guatemala community in Huehuetenango. [Source: Python Guatemala]

It’s been one of the best events that I’ve participated at, and to be the first time giving conference in Guatemala, it’s been an amazing experience. So much learning, new friends, many ideas and the desire to come back soon, that’s what I took with me from this event. I’m also proud of having been there representing Chiapas and Mexico, as well as one of the most important projects that I’ve collaborated with, TechWo.

Watch the video of my participation at the meetup of Python Guatemala.

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