The future of the everyday household

Living in a smart home is becoming a reality faster than ever expected. As we become more dependent on technology, it is important to have a better understanding of how this technology works and what the future will most likely look like.

A smart device is a gadget or technology that has the capabilities to connect to the internet and do a set of tasks that generally make your life easier. The number of these devices has skyrocketed in the last 10 years and still growing fast. It is very likely you already have a lot of these smart devices. These devices have moved from being on your desk to your pocket to now mixed directly into our homes. The term smart home encompasses all of these devices; this now means that yours lights, thermostat, doors, locks, fridge, security system, speakers and many more household items can now be connected to the internet and at your control.

The goal of smart home technology is to make functioning within your home simpler and more enjoyable but, as we push the boundaries for what is possible, we are constantly trying to find a balance between convenience, function, and most importantly, price. Smart devices have always been interesting to many people but the amount of tech you see in homes is usually fairly low. Not until recently has the technology become accessible and cheap enough for the consumer.

Google Home

As I write this, I have a Google Home about 10 feet away from me. I wanted to try this smart technology my self and a Google Home seemed like the right first step. I have been surprised by the amount of use it has been getting. Goole Home like a lot of home smart technology is still fairly new, so the fact that I can not say “Hey Google remind me to do the laundry” is annoying but I know that Google is working on this. I am able to do a lot with my google home that I now am used to doing. Every morning I ask my Google Home “Hey Google what is my day like?” It then runs through my calendar, the weather, how long it will take to get to school and then it ends by playing news stations I have picked out. This is just one example of the many things I can do with my Google Home.

Everyone uses smart technology in a way that works best for them in their own home. Smart technology is becoming very personal to the user and, depending on how you look at it that can be positive or negative. It is good that our technology is learning more about us because it then can work better and better. We may someday be able to walk into our home and have the lights go on, music start to play from our favorite station and have the oven preheat itself so we can make ourselves some food.

This is a future many people may want but, when every one of our devices is connected to the internet we are vulnerable to hacking. With the correct resources, a hacker can get our data from almost any device. This will become more true as more smart devices make their way onto the market. As we move toward this new pro-tech era, it is important to keep our data secure and understand the risks that we may face if our smart devices do get hacked.

We are entering into a future that is integrating technology more and more into our daily lives, it is important to learn as much as we can so we can lead more efficient, happier lives.

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