A short list of 2015 #wins (to be super grateful for)

It’s the end of the year. A time for reflection. I tried to think of a way to present the things I’m grateful for without #humblebragging (or really, just regular bragging). But.. I couldn’t. So here’s a short list of bright spots from my year, in no particular order:

  • Spent a TON of quality time with friends and family, made inspiring new connections, and deepened a lot of great relationships (this sometimes goes under my radar, but it shouldn’t)
  • Hiked, skied, and played in big mountains with a whole bunch of rad people (who pushed me to get outside and enjoy the things that make me the happiest)
  • Welcomed an awesome little nephew to the world only to be promptly spat on (turns out #notallbabies are annoying and jackets are replaceable)
  • Solidified my career pivot into marketing by consistently adding value to projects and landing a promotion after eight months (thanks to a working environment of awesome people)
  • Resolved a nagging relationship issue that was screwing with my happiness and preventing me from forming meaningful romantic connections (like, since college)
  • Reeled in a fish from the Fraser River that was bigger than me (seriously, that thing was a fucking dinosaur)
  • Made a solid dent in my savings and debt reduction goals (thanks to improved financial management behaviour, not an easy change for me)
  • Crushed my half marathon goal (finished in 1:48!) and danced the night away afterward with the happiest people around (#thesweatlife hype is real)
  • Dove, swam, jumped, and rope swinged (swung?) in one ocean, a couple of rivers, and a bunch of lakes (without getting hypothermia this time)
  • Taste-tested a TON of new craft beers, from sours to saisons to stouts (my fave? Strange Fellows Brewing, straight outta East Van)

To everyone involved in these experiences, I’m grateful you’re in my life. Let’s keep it rolling for a rad 2016 🙌

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