The Intellectual Yet Idiot
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

That’s because humans aren’t specialists

Taleb nails it again on this article. His concept of “skin in the game” is shaping into a fairly well-defined context of real life experience plus respect of the ancient plus childish curiosity plus “what’s in it for me”.

In a world that is moving fast towards automation of routine processes (that humans aren’t really good at anyway) we should not spend too much time listening to those who made a career out of being a specialist “intellectual”.

There are exceptions: some musicians (Dave Mustaine, Neil Peart, Mozart), some medical professionals, some writers. The others are but copies.

So, what’s the message there? If I could condense it into as few words as possible would be to trust the gut feeling as much as questioning the dogma shoved down our throats (and yet we’ve all known what dogma does to people), perhaps having a bit more respect for those who don’t align with the mainstream “must have” opinion.

Cracking article again, NNTaleb.

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