A Distant Dreamer

Dreamer — a person who is unpractical or idealistic.

I was always taught that everything had a place, and I fit into a mold that was always there.

Today, it seems that everything is about this mold of a “Reality.” That everyone just tries to fit into to be successful

But, I don’t really see things like as they are, but as they could be.

Yet, when I talk about my ideas and dreams to certain people, I get taken down back into this mold we call “Realistic.” A mold where I go to college, and get a career that I can retire from.

I want to accomplish so many things before I settle down into my career.

I want to see the world

I want to live on the East Coast

I want to get a job that challenges me

I want to meet someone who can be with me on my journey

I want to be an actor, and live to entertain people

I want to write, and make an impact on this world, not by doing one thing, but doing many things.

I never want to stop dreaming and going to fulfill my dreams.

I’m a distant dreamer that finds it hard to remain in the present. I keep thinking forward, and planning for the future, and what it can hold.

The amount of possibilities are endless and remind me that there is a way to do something better for this world doing something different.

When I see a great opportunity, I will jump at the chance to do something new that will challenge me.

I may not fit into the mold that people want me in, but I am a distant dreamer, and that’s okay.