Are Humans becoming smarter than robots?

AI, the Internet of Things, automation and the maker movement are all pointing toward a Jestsons-like future where technology serves us in ways we could only imagine 10 years ago. But in this new and exciting future, will humans actually become smarter? It’s ironic that the silicon valley investment dollars are flowing toward these advancements whereby we make everything as good as humans and sometimes even better, but why do we even use humans as the benchmark? Human-beings were blessed with a multi-faceted rationalisation process that combines logic, emotion, comparison, ego and perceived value. However if we look at the greatest achievements of mankind, it all stemmed from an idea. A creative force that then led to a evolutionary and sometimes revolutionary outcome. For those that have ever created anything, the feeling of satisfaction and completeness that comes from within is almost surreal. So why are we hell bent on developing ‘something’ that could emulate that? For me, applications for AI should be limited to any process whose majority consists of logic. Eveything else (read: creativity) should be the domain of the humans. If my future and the future of my children is a world where technology relieves us of processes and allows us to focus on creative pursuits, then I believe we would have succeeded. Any alternative to that probably means we have failed. Mankind is driven by progress, to push the boundaries of what’s possible. We put a man on the moon, but that took a little bit away from the dreamy-eyed boy who just enjoyed staring at it and simply wondered what was out there. The true test of whether humans are smarter than robots will come down to what we decide robots should do. Advancement for the sake of advancement is not clever, however advancement toward a human goal is progress.

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