Why I Quit Cryptocurrency Telegram Groups

When I first got into Cryptocurrency ICOs were booming and Telegram was all the rage. A new ICO would come on the scene and you would join their official channel to ask questions about the project, token sale structure, token dynamics and utility.

With so many ICOs happening toward the end of last summer it was more noise than signal in these channels and I ended up spending most of my time in invite only channels of small size. These “research groups” had a sense of comradery and would post the latest whitelist dates or rumors around the creme de la creme of token sales.

But when the ICO market slowed down, even these channels turned into endless scrolls through moaning and complaining that they didn’t get at least a 50% return on their investment. So I lost interest. My life has improved dramatically since I stopped participating in speculative Telegram cryptocurrency chats and groups.

I still check out all the latest ICOs and emerging blockchain projects through Medium, Reddit, Twitter and Google Alerts. Only now I have a lot more free time and I’m way happier.