Sex, Meth, Lies and Journalism

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I don’t think the top you have now works because it slow walks the reader into the story and the pivot just isn’t dramatic enough. Better to go hard at Puliafito and then USC with our strongest, most unimpeachable material.

The top should hit Puliafito and USC much harder than it currently does. He’s doing much more than socializing with criminals and drug users, he is a drug user and he’s committing crimes. The extent that USC has ducked us should [be] explicit and cause them shame.

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I know from Paul that he has consulted both Jeff Glasser and Shelby Grad. Although I have not spoken to either of them directly, I do have faith in Paul and he tells me that he has reviewed the relevant facts with them and they have confirmed those facts. I think he has also let Jeff read the entire manuscript.

First, as I have already made clear in my prior correspondence, the Book that Paul Pringle authored is being published by Macmillan, not by The Times. Mr. Glasser did not “read the entire manuscript,” as you claim in your correspondence, nor has he “‘reviewed’ and ‘confirmed’ crucial parts of Pringle’s manuscript.” He has not read it. The Times is not responsible for, and has not vouched for its content. Nothing in your email changes anything in my prior letters.



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