A Hugo for Elise

Image by Ileana Hunter, used with permission. Available as a print on Etsy.



Last Chances

We have a history, as a field, of recognising great works upon completion. There’s the Best Series Hugo on the ballot now. There’s the Retro Hugos. Even the Oscars: everyone knows that Return of the King’s 11 Academy Awards weren’t really for that film, but for the series.

What We’re Asking

Hugo nominations have opened. There’ll be a lot of awards eligibility posts and recommended lists asking for your attention; there’ll be more works than you can read between now and the March 15th deadline.

Convince Me

It would be remiss of us to make this plea without demonstrating why you should consider it. There is too much of Shimmer for you to possibly read it all, so we’ve gathered some of our personal favourites here as highlights, including some from 2018. Please consider reading a few so you can understand what we mean when we talk about the consistency of the tone, and just what a remarkable editorial achievement that is.

  • A Whisper in the Weld” by Alix E. Harrow, November 2014: a stunning shard of grief, at turns gentle and fierce, as a family tries to survive being ground down by World War 2 and an iron factory.
  • Black Fanged Thing” by Sam Rebelein, January 2018: a tightly coiled masterpiece, capturing the suffocating sense of lives wasted or half-lived, of being hemmed in on all sides until you feel your soul wasting away.
  • The Triumphant Ward of the Railroad and the Sea” by Sara Saab, March 2018: strange and human and empathetic, a story of a competitive eater and her acquaintances on a self-driving train by the sea, and of her loneliness and uncertainty, too.
  • Feathers and Void” by Charles Payseur, May 2017: a dark and energetic space opera of crowships and comrades and thin threads of hope, vivid and defiant in the black.
  • In the Rustle of Pages” by Cassandra Khaw, May 2015: an aching melancholy of anticipated loss and the tragedy of age, of what we must lose to the years and how we fight it anyway
  • Only Their Shining Beauty Was Left” by Fran Wilde, September 2016: a multi-faceted story of growth and change and inevitability

Thank You

If you vote for Elise and Shimmer, if you spread the gospel here, if you simply enjoy the stories we’ve shown you: thank you for your time in reading this.



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