You are doing YouTube wrong

Considering the large marketing budgets of brands, it is mind-blowing to see the tiny amount views brands manage to attain. Many influencers get thousands or even millions of views shooting videos with basic equipment or even just a cell phone.

This raises a question, what are brands doing so wrong on YouTube.

A major issue across many brands is simple, they do not add any value.

YouTube viewers do not come to the platform to watch impersonal branded content, which comes off as a commercial. Brands need to remember the viewer want to be entertained, learn something, or connect with the person they watch on the screen.

The easiest way to fix the issue is for brands to use influencers for their YouTube marketing.

When brands outsource their content to an influencer, the video will become more relatable and less like an extended commercial. Brands can provide the youtuber with some key words or phrases but it is best to keep it as open as possible. Successful influencers already understand how to connect with an audience.

This technique is applicable not only to YouTube, but to all social media. Brands are increasingly using Snapchat and Instagram takeover instead of producing their own stories.

In conclusion,traditional marketing strategies have a limited effectiveness on today’s younger generation. Brands need to understand the audience and then they can effectively promote their product to that demographic.