My Daily Fantasy Sports Obsession

It’s every day. Every single day and I love it. Daily Fantasy sports (aka “DFS”) has become a way of life for me. It’s an escape into the world of fun and excitement 7 days a week. It’s my chance to forget about the everyday work grind and the nonsense you see going on in the world today. It keeps me a kid while not taking life so seriously.

Yes, that's me with the Redskins shirt on

The hope of winning the big pay day and being recognized as a real player in the DFS community has some serious meaning to me. Let's be clear, I don’t play to pay the bills (though it would be great to win and knock some out), I play because it’s truly my niche. My passion. Again, my escape from the grind and moving with the rest of the corporate cattle from 9–5 and accepting that 1/2 my day is just going through the motions. Sounds sad right? But it is reality and I’m sure maybe just one or two of you can relate (ha). After 5pm is when life really gets going for me.

My after 5pm stance

After 5 I get to see my family, hear how everyone’s day went, we start to think about dinner options and my wife and I ask each other if we hit our fitbit steps for the day. A close 2nd to all of the family stuff is the thought of the upcoming slate of games as the clock approaches 7pm. Typically, from Monday through Friday, 7pm is usually the start time of most sports (i.e. MLB, NBA or NHL) by this time lineups lock and all your entries/lineups need to be set.

The rush to DFS lineup lock

My family is used to my routine and I thank God for a very cool wife who does not break my chops about being a DFS nutcase. Dinner is usually on the table around 6:50 which makes for some trying times since I’m watching the DFS clock countdown to the 7pm lineup lock (DFS players know this timeframe very well) and seeing which leagues are not going to fill so I can jump in and tilt the odds a bit in my favor. Can they ever be tilted when you're playing in tournaments with over twenty thousand people? Probably not but it sounds good to think that. In any event, by the time 7:01pm hits, I’m walking to the dinner table relieved I got my lineups in and action is in place for the evening.

“How was everyone’s day?” are the first words out of my mouth after the DFS lineup lock rush settles. A big sigh and sense of accomplishment is what I feel as my ass hits the chair at the dinner table. A sense of normality hits our house and DFS is forgotten for the next 40 minutes during dinner time. Sarcastically I’ll get “Did you get all your lineups in?” from my wife or 11 year old son who are very aware of the 7pm lineup lock.

After 7pm and lineups are locked and loaded

So whether it’s listening to Sirius XM Fantasy sports on the way to work, getting alerts on my phone about breaking news or just checking Rotoworld every 2 hours to keep up on stuff, DFS makes life exciting for a sports fan and oh yeah that gambler in all of us (Keeping in mind DFS is a game of skill).

Maybe I have that instant gratification mindset, like buying scratch off tickets waiting to see if I hit the big one. Whether it’s #Draftkings or #Fanduel makes no difference, it’s doing what you enjoy without hurting anyone and keeping life simple.